Fil-Am group campaigns for Jessica Sanchez to win American Idol 2012

After the near elimination of Filipino-American Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012, Washington-based Migrant Heritage Commission (MHC), a non-profit, service-oriented organization run by Filipino immigrants is asking Filipinos all over the world to vote.

MHC’s email stated:

Lazada Philippines

“Dear Kababayan, family, friends, friends of friends. . . Our dear JESSICA SANCHEZ almost got eliminated from AMERICAN IDOL tonight (THURS.,12 APRIL 2012) had the Judges not saved her… Kababayans, pls vote for her every Wednesday night…right after the show…all of your cellphones (500x), landline (500 x), ONLINE facebook (50x).

“Please help us campaign to everyone ‘to vote for her.’ It’s only a once-a-week sacrifice for a truly deserving, multi-talented kababayan. We cannot be overconfident on just a few votes. It’s NOT the judges deciding on their own. It’s America! Unfortunately, Judges can only save a contestant ‘once’ so this now depends on all of us NOW on how to save her in the coming weeks… VOTE FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ!!! MARAMING SALAMAT PO.”

In the April 11 episode of AI 2012, Sanchez got the lowest number of votes from among the top 7 hopefuls. Judges Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez decided to use their one-time save privilege on Sanchez.