A man working for actor Ving Rhames was killed after what appeared to be a fatal dog attack.

US Actor Ving Rhames

Early Friday morning, August 3, 2007, an unidentified person called the Los Angeles Police Department to report a body found at the actor’s Brentwood, California, home. The victim may have been responsible for caring for the dogs. Authorities said the victim was found on the front lawn, and Lt. Ray Lombardo said at a news conference later that the man had many bites and scratches “which appear to be dog bites.” Rhames, 46, who appeared in the “Mission: Impossible” series of films, was not at home when the attack happened. He was quoted in an earlier Time magazine article stating that he had eight Fila Brasileiro mastiffs — the national dog of Brazil, also used by U.S. Marines in jungle warfare.

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