Filipinos say Goodbye 2011, prepares for Media Noche for a Happy New Year 2012

Goodbye 2011, what a year it was.

It has been a tradition for most Filipino families every new year to gather for the traditional Media Noche or midnight meal. Round shaped foods, sticky or glutinous rice based foods (so that good fortune will stick around), and various 12 round shaped fruits for each of the months of the year are served. It is based on the belief that by doing so will usher in good fortune and prosperity.

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Filipinos also traditionally celebrate New Year’s Eve by exploding firecrackers and lighting up fireworks where many are injured every year. That’s why celebration of the New Year in grand hotels, restaurants, in parks, and in streets are becoming more popular. Whichever way you choose to celebrate it, we at Mukamo would like to greet you with a Happy New Year 2012.