How to Fix the “Package File is Invalid” error in Google Play Store?

I tried downloading a game called Hellfire (by Mobage) from Android’s Google Play Store and I keep on getting “Package File is Invalid” error.

I searched for a solution and I read that you should clear the cache and data of Play Store. It didn’t work for me. So finally I read of this solution which involves using VPN.

Lazada Philippines

First is to download an app called Hideman VPN. That is if you don’t get the “Package File is Invalid’ error which you probably won’t because it’s just a small file.

If you can’t download it because of the error then you have to download its APK and install it manually. What Hideman does is automatically connect you to a VPN.

Once connected, you can now retry downloading and voila no more “Package File is Invalid” nuisance.

Please share in the comments section what worked for you in dealing with the said error.