Free Facebook for Smart subs starting June 8, 2012

Smart subscribers in the Philippines will have unlimited access to Facebook for free starting June 8.

“We want to encourage more Filipinos to discover the benefits of being online and on Facebook – whether for information, for entertainment, and for simply keeping abreast with the rest of the world,” said Smart Communication’s Wireless Consumer Division head, Emmanuel Lorenzana.

Lazada Philippines

All you have to do to avail of this promo is to text FB and send to 211 and then click on the download link which will be sent via SMS. Just follow the instructions to get the “Facebook Mobile App,” which is always on, ready to use, unli, and for free, as long as you have 1 peso maintaining balance.

Regular charges will apply when you click on a link to browse photos, videos, news articles or any other content outside of Facebook. You must also set your cellphone browser’s home page to