Gary Granada’s grudge with Ronald McDonald

We commend the group of Gary Granada and their crusade for the reduction of styrofoam or polystyrene in fast-food chains here in the Philippines. It goes without saying that our environment needs all the help it can get. That and the ill effects of styrofoam or polystyrene on our health.

Some food chains started using reusable plates, reusable platter baskets, and cardboard boxes. McDonald’s on the other hand, hasn’t come up with something yet which prompted the group of Mr. Granada to conduct a dialogue with them.

..that McDonald’s reduce the use of styrofoam by 50% within one year. McDonald’s has once again demonstrated its arrogance and incapacity to appreciate the sincere and constructive efforts of common folks to protect our environment. Unlike them, we do not make money doing what little we can to help make things a little better for everybody.

Lazada Philippines