Tomorrow will be the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Big Night at the Big Dome where the Big Winner will be announced.


So let’s take one more look at the PBB Big Four.

Lazada Sale

Name:    Gianina Maria Abrahan
Origin:    Quezon City
Age:    21
Birthdate:    November 6, 1985
Birthplace:    Quezon City
Nationality:    Filipino
Describe yourself:    To die for — joke lang!
Biggest failure:    “When I wasted the opportunities that I was given, specially in highschool.”
Secret ambition:    To work in ABS-CBN TV production

At 21, Gee-Ann already has eight children – the oldest of whom is 15. Impossible? Not really. See, her so-called “children” are actually dolls that she treats like real people. She even throws birthday parties for them, complete with invites and gifts. This fondness for dolls may have been brought about by the fact that her parents parted ways when she was young and she grew up with only her mom and sister by her side. Adept in video editing and layouting, Gee-Ann hopes of working with the ABS-CBN TV production team in the future.

source: pbb web site