“Ambulansyang de Paa,” a documentary of GMA-7’s “i-Witness,” has earned the prestigious Peabody Awards and will be honored in an awarding ceremony that will take place in New York City on May 17, 2010.

It is only one of 36 recipients of the award this year. The said documentary highlighted the efforts of the Mangyan community of Apnagan in upland Oriental Mindoro to transport the seriously ill through rugged trails to distant hospitals with the use of woven hammocks. It was aired in March 2009 and was hosted by Kara David. GMA-7 also earned similar awards in 1999 when the “I Witness” episodes “Kidneys for Sale” by Jessica Soho and Jay Taruc’s “Child Labor” story on “Brigada Siyete” bagged first and second Peabody trophies, respectively.

Lazada Sale