Greenbelt 5 (Makati City) watch store robbery

Six men armed with high-powered firearms staged a daring heist at the Rolex store on the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City before noon Sunday.

One of the unidentified suspects was instantly killed after Taguig City Mayor Sigfredo “Freddie” Tinga’s close-in security aides, identified as PO1 Efren Ceniza Jr. and SPO1 Cesar Tiglao, responded to the robbery. Tinga was having lunch with relatives in a nearby restaurant and his escorts were just securing the vicinity of the restaurant when they caught the robbers in the act. The shootout lasted for about three minutes before the robbers fled on two getaway vehicles with no plate numbers. The robbers reportedly were able to cart away an undetermined number of watches.

Lazada Philippines
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