How to deal with Diablo 3 Errors (like Error 37)?

Now that the Diablo 3 servers in the European and Asian regions have gone live, thousands of gamers are complaining of various errors while starting or playing the game.

Types of errors reported by users include:

Lazada Philippines
  • There is a temporary outage of the service. Please try again later. (Error 35)
  • Error 33 is down for Maintenance
  • Error 108 where Diablo III will not install
  • The servers are busy. Please try again later. (Error 37)
  • Error 108 – this seems to be in Russia
  • There’s also Error 12, Error 315300, Error 64, MPQ error, and other vague error messages.

Blizzard Entertainment North America Customer Support via its Twitter account @BlizzardCS, tweeted “The Diablo III installer is now live! Visit our Technical Support forums if you encounter any errors:”

Their technical support forum is

So the best thing to do is go there and post the errors you’re experiencing. Patience is the key.