JC Tiuseco and Rob Sy are the Final 2 castaways of Survivor Philippines

Castaway Rob Sy won the last Immunity Challenge, a challenge that would determine the Final 2 castaways.

JC Tiuseco and Rob Sy - Survivor Philippines

The challenge was the Final 3 castaways — Charisse, Rob and JC must hold on as long as they can in an elevated slide-like platform that would change into a more uncomfortable angle every 15 minutes. Water also flowed from the top making the slide more slippery. Charisse lasted for 47 minutes while JC for almost an hour.

Lazada Philippines

In the Tribal Council, JC and Rob voted off Charisse making her the 16th castoff and the 8th and final member of the Jury and leaves JC and Rob as the Final 2 castaways.

The jury will help decide who gets the 3-million peso cash prize and the title of the first Pinoy Sole Survivor. The winner of Survivor Philippines will be announced live this Friday, December 12.