John Carter’s Taylor Kitsch airport incident happened in Indonesia not the Philippines

Officials in Indonesia have confirmed that Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch arrived in their country and not in the Philippines for the shooting of the movie, “Savages.”

The Philippines was dragged into a controversy when Kitsch guested on the “Late Night Show with David Letterman.” Letterman mentioned that Kitsch went to the Philippines to shoot the movie but the latter failed to correct him that it was actually in Indonesia.

Lazada Philippines

The star of the movie “John Carter” then went on telling about his experience with an airport official who allegedly asked for his iPhone as a bribe.

Authorities in Indonesia have identified the corrupt official and appropriate sanction will be carried out if he/she is proven guilty.

Kitsch’s publicist Britney Ross has released a statement that was sent to Ricky Lo and part of it says:

“Taylor did not say the incident occurred in the Philippines, it was David Letterman who said that mistakenly. Taylor was caught up in the moment and the excitement of the show and inadvertently failed to correct the error (it WAS a real incident — it happened in Indonesia and Taylor had discussed it a few moments prior with the Letterman producers).”