Jommy Teotico is the Pinoy Fear Factor Winner

24-year-old model Jommy Teotico defeated 18-year-old Janna Dominguez in the “Car Roll Over” challenge to claim the 2 million pesos, a house and lot from Avida and the title “El Ultimo Participante.”

Jommy Teotico wins Pinoy Fear Factor

For the El Ultimo Duelo or the final challenge, the two participantes had to drive a car at top speed towards a ramp that triggers an explosion upon contact. The participante that brought his car farthest from the ramp wins the contest.

Lazada Philippines

Jommy flipped his car to a distance of 22 meters and 50 cm away from the ramp while Janna managed fell short with a distance of 17 meters and 10 centimeters.