Kiko Rustia is the 10th castoff of Survivor Philippines

The “Free Spirit” Kiko Rustia became the 10th castaway to be voted out and the second jury member in GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines.

Kiko Rustia - 10th castoff of Survivor Philippines

Kiko had five votes while Marlon had four. There was another twist in this particular Tribal Council — the black pearl. Kiko was asked to open a small box and inside was the black pearl. Whoever receives that black pearl from Kiko will get another vote in the next Tribal Council and in the event that the recipient loses the pearl, he or she will get two extra votes. Kiko gave the pearl to castaway Rob.

Lazada Philippines

“Anything can happen and lagi ko na lang pinapasa-Diyos nga kung matanggal man ako or hindi or alam mo iyon para sa akin ano e God’s will e yung nangyayari. I mean secondary lang yung iniisip ko na desisyon naming lahat. May dahilan kung bakit and I just hope na for the better yung reason ng pagkakatanggal ko.” said Kiko in his exit interview.

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