Kris Aquino releases statement on the alleged confrontation between her and James Yap’s female fan Mayen Austria

Here is part of the statement released by Kris Aquino regarding the alleged confrontation between her and Mayen Austria who is said to be a fan of James Yap (Aquino’s husband).

“In my 25 years of being in the public eye, nobody can ever say that it is in my nature na magmura or gumawa ng iskandalo. I didn’t shout or create a commotion. The mother of the woman cited in the article graciously came to their gate and we had a peaceful conversation. I simply made my discomfort known about her daughter’s actuations towards my husband. My family received the text that Ms. Mayen Austria sent around. In it, she admitted to having ‘chemical depression and could easily take an overdose of pills.’ My brothers and sisters advised me not to speak further about the issue because it would not be compassionate to dwell further on the issue because of Ms. Austria’s mental state.”

Lazada Philippines