“Maid” on BBC’s Harry and Paul is Filipina Jenny Cachero

20-year-old British-Filipina Jenny Cachero is the actress who played the part of a maid in the controversial 4th episode of BBC’s Harry and Paul last September 26.

Fil-Brit Jenny Cachero

When she accepted the acting assignment in the comedy show, she had no inkling that her role would spark a global outcry and diplomatic protests from the Philippines. “I thought it was just another job, just like everything else really,” she said.

Lazada Philippines

Jenny also pointed out that you need to see the whole show in order to put the Filipina maid sketch, a tiny portion of the whole, into context. “The joke was not the Philippines, the joke was not the maid, the joke was not an offence to the minorities, to the Philippines. It was actually a joke towards the northern hemisphere, the northern part of Britain. The sketch was actually called The Bad Northerner,” Cachero explained.

Jenny is majoring in film at a British university. She was on summer break so she took her chance and was cast as the Filipina maid on the said comedy show.