Manny Pacquiao TKO’s Morales in Round 3

Pacquiao-Morales III Quick update: Pacquiao wins in 2 mins 57 seconds of Round 3 beating Erik Morales.

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Round 3 – Pac pushing Morales back with big punches as they brawl. Huge shots send Morales down again and he is hurt. Big rights by Pacquiao and they brawl as Pacquiao rocks him badly again. Pacquiao battering him right now. Another knockdown by Pacquiao and Morales said NO MORE TO HIS CORNER, HE IS UNABLE TO GET UP. HUGE THREE ROUND KO BY PACQUIAO.

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HBO scores for Pac

Round 2 – Pacquiao is stalking. Morales goes after him against the ropes and Pacquiao fighst fire with fire to send Morales back. Morales with another hard combo and lands another combo to push Pacquiao back. Pac to the body. Jab by Morales. Combo by Pac and a bodyshot. Morales attack with huge shots as Pacquiao lands a monster left that sends Moarles down to one knee. Morales makes his way up and the two fighters are throwing big punches. Big combo to the head by Pacquiao and the two men are throwing wild bombs for final ten secons. 10-8 round for Pac and what a fight so far.

HBO scores for Pacquiao

Round 1 – They paw with jabs. Morales jabbing. Combo by Pacquiao. Right by Pacquiao. Jab by Morales and combo by Morales as he back Pacquiao into the ropes. They trade rights, bodyshot by Pac moves Morales back. Big right hand by Pacquiao and another. They begin to exchange hard power punches as the crowd goes crazy. Combo by Pacquiao. Round scored for Pacquiao.