Metrobank Warns Clients of Phishing Attack

From Metrobank Email

Dear Valued Clients,

Lazada Philippines

We have received reports that an email has been circulated by unscrupulous individuals asking for account details from our Metrobankdirect clients.

Please be advised that Metrobank will NEVER ask for your personal information, account numbers or passwords via e-mail. If you have responded to any e-mail that asks for such information, please perform the following immediately:

(1) log-in to the metrobankdirect website to change your password;
(2) report the incident to

Thank you very much!

and another one

Dear Metrobank Customer,

As an added security measure in view of the recent phishing attacks on banks, please be informed that you will be prompted by the system to change your metrobankdirect password upon your next login.

Thank you.


Phishing attack is usually done via email because it’s easy for the reader to click on a link and most don’t even bother looking at the URL or internet address they’re clicking. So the golden rule here is never click on a link from an email. If you received an email from say your bank and there appears a link to login to your account, don’t click that. Instead type the URL of your bank directly on your browser. For more information on this particular phishing attack, click here. Don’t know what phishing is? click here.