Mike Enriquez denies former RGMA employees’ statements

Radio broadcaster, GMA Network news anchor, and RGMA president Mike Enriquez denied the allegations of two former officers of RGMA radio stations in Iloilo that he presided in a meeting to hire agents to conduct “special operations” aimed at manipulating results of TV ratings surveys in Iloilo.

24 Oras anchor Mike Enriquez

Below is Enriquez’s official statement in full:

Lazada Philippines

“I would like to reiterate GMA Network’s stand that it has never conducted any special operation to manipulate the TV and radio ratings in its favor, contrary to the allegations made by former RGMA Iloilo employees Romie Diamanse and Francis Casumpang.

“I also vehemently deny presiding in any meeting with Casumpang regarding ratings manipulation and/or special operations in Iloilo.

“This alleged meeting could not have happened because both Diamanse and Casumpang were employed with RGMA Iloilo when there was still no NUTAM ratings for TV in Iloilo. The sole basis for TV ratings at that time was the PSRC day-after recall survey, which uses no panel meters.

“These allegations are calculated and orchestrated to besmirch the repuation of broadcasters like me, and are an insult to the intelligence of the millions of viewers who place their trust in us.”