Miss International 2010 Winners

Here are the winners of the Miss International 2010 held at the Sichuan Province Gymnasium in Chengdu, China:

Miss International 2010 – Miss Venezuela Elizabeth Mosquera
1st-runner-up – Miss Thailand Piyaporn Deejing
2nd-runner-up – Miss China Si Yi Yuan

Lazada Philippines

Rounding up the Top 15 are Costa Rica’s Mariela Aparicio, France’s Florima Treiber, Germany’s Johanna Acs, India’s Neha Hinge, Japan’s Etsuko Kanagae, South Korea’s Ko Hyeon-yeong, Peru’s Laura Spoya, Philippines’ Krista Arrieta Kleiner, Puerto Rico’s Aideliz Hidalgo, Serbia’s Anja Šaranović, Spain’s Desirée Panal, and Turkey’s Dilay Korkmaz. Miss Philippines Krista Arrieta Kleiner also won the Miss Talent and Miss Expressive awards.

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