MMFF 2009 Calendar of Activities

Here is the calendar of activities of this year’s (2009) Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

March 6 – Appreciation Night/Launching Ceremony

Lazada Philippines

Meeting with the Producers regarding Festival Rules and Regulations

June 19 – Deadline for submissions of Notarized Application Form and Screenplays

June 20-29 – Reading and Selection of all the Screenplays submitted

June 30 – Announcement of Official Entries

November 30 – Deadline of submission of trailers of official entries

December 3 – Deadline for submission of finished film entries

December 10 – Deadline of submission of graded (timed) prints

December 17 – Submission of joint certifications with laboratories concerned that prints needed to service the theatres assigned to them shall be made available on time.

Last day of submission of changes in the filmography charts such as names of the leading performers and film genres

December 17-21 – Screening of the official entries by the Board of Jurors

December 24 – Parade of Stars

December 25 – January 7, 2010 – Showing of official entries

December 28 – MMFFP 2009 Awards Night