The Movie & Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB has added a new classification rating on local TV that will start on February 5, 2012.

The new classification rating is SPG or Strong Parental Guidance. It for TV shows that has serious themes not suitable to be seen by children except under the strict guidance of an adult. It warns parents to exercise greater parental responsibility in their children’s viewing of the program.

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To merit the issuance of an SPG rating, the gravity of the TV show’s material must, in the judgment of the MTRCB, be leaning towards the maximum allowable for Parental Guidance rating.

SPG rated shows will also be categorized into several content descriptors such as T for Theme, V for Violence, D for Drugs, L for Language, S for Sex, and H for Horror.

Example of shows that may get an SPG rating are UFC and Gossip Girl.