New York Festivals Television & Film Awards 2010 Finalists – Philippines

Here are the finalists from the Philippines in the 2010 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards:

News on Q (QTV-11) – Best News Analysis/Commentary
Case Unclosed (GMA Network, Inc.) – Docudrama
The Last Journey of Ninoy (Unico Entertainment) – Documentaries
Planet Philippines (GMA Network, Inc.) – Environment & Ecology
Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo: Ako Ang Simula (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation) – Music Video: Low Budget
Pagpag (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation) – News Promotion

Lazada Philippines

This year, the NYF has decided to combine both the Television Programming Awards and the Film & Video Awards. The awarding ceremony will be held on May 3 at the Penthouse Lobby of the American Airlines Theatre.