Nokia Philippines warns public on fake cell phones

Nokia Philippines through its corporate communications manager, Nikka Abes is warning consumers to be careful in buying their products due to the proliferation of fake Nokia cell phones and other gears in the market.

Some are being brought to the Nokia Care Centers for repair and of course, because they are fake, they are turned down. Nokia phone models that are being copied include Nokia N81, Nokia 5310, Nokia N95, Nokia N82 and Nokia 6120 which are sold at one-half to one-third of the original price, branded Nokia and sometimes even the packaging is made to look like the real thing.

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How to make sure that the Nokia that you are buying is not fake?

1. Buy only from authorized dealers and look for a blue 12-month limited warranty sticker on the top or side parts of the phone’s box; and a “Nokia Care” tamper-proof warranty sticker on the phone’s accessories such as the charger, battery, memory card or data cable.

2. All genuine Nokia phones also have a tamper-proof label at the back of each mobile phone that also include the National Telecommunications Commission logo and the type acceptance number. Also found in the back of the mobile phone is the Nokia tamper-proof warranty seal.

3. For the batteries, there should be a hologram label that reflects the Nokia “Connecting Hands” slogan on one angle and the “Original Enhancements” logo on another angle. When the hologram is slanted to the left, right, down, and up of the logo, one should see 1, 2, 3 and 4 dots on each side.