34-year-old Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas, who from some angles bears a resemblance to the new US president, Barack Obama felt very much “at home” in the Philippines.

Obama look-alike Ilham Anas

Anas appeared as the 44-year-old Obama in the Motilium TV Commercial depicting a dinner in Malacañang with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who was played by the Filipino impersonator known as “Ate Glow.”

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He was discovered by the Philippine ad agency TBWA SMP (Santiago, Mangada and Puno) Manila and the TV ad was directed by filmmaker Eric Matti. “I never thought I would be a star in a commercial, then this happened. It’s very fortunate,” Anas said.

Anas, who was born and raised in Bandung, West Java, said he feels lucky to resemble Obama.