Paolo Bediones denies rumor that JC Tiuseco is the winner of Survivor Philippines

Survivor Philippines host Paolo Bediones denied the rumor that hardcourt heartthrob John Carlo “JC” Tiuseco is the first Pinoy Sole Survivor.

The rumor came from the web site Showbiz Juice stating that the information was obtained inside a coffee shop, where alleged staff members of Survivor Philippines indiscreetly talked about the show.

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Paolo explained that it is impossible to identify the winner because only the program manager knows the final result. The contestants who comprised the Jury cast their final votes before they left Koh Tarutao (the setting of Survivor Philippines) last September. Everything will be revealed, live, on the last airing of Survivor Philipines on GMA Network.

Nevertheless, Paolo is thanking those who are trying to ruin their show, “But thanks to them, people are now more curious about the show,” said the TV host.