Paypal Philippines Requires Utility Bill

New Filipino paypal users are complaining that after verifying their account via the PayPal’s Expanded Use Program, Paypal still requires you to fax a utility bill before you can use your paypal account to pay for online transactions.

Paypal will ask you to print a fax cover sheet with a special bar code and your case number. You’ll have to fax that cover sheet together with a copy of your utility bill (Meralco bill, credit card statement, etc.). Not a problem right? Wrong. You have to fax those to a US number and imagine how expensive that would be. Good thing there’s a solution. Here’s what you can do. Print the cover sheet and prepare a copy of your utility bill. Scan the printed cover sheet and your utility bill. Create a word document and paste the scanned images. So that’ll make a two page document, page 1 contains the scanned image of cover sheet and then the scanned image of the utility bill on page 2. Convert the word document to a pdf file. Go to and register for an account. Fax1 provides a free trial and they will credit your account $1 if you use an email that’s not free (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.) otherwise it will only be credited with 1 cent and you won’t be able to send free fax. If you have your own domain name then create an email account and use that to register with fax1. When you’re already registered, login and click on web fax. Enter the required details (fax number, etc.), attached the pdf file, and then send. Wait for a confirmation email from paypal telling you that they have received your fax. After a day or two, hopefully you’ll receive another email telling you that the restriction on your paypal account has been lifted and finally you can now use your paypal account.