PBB Balik Bahay stirs outrage, televiewers call for Boycott

The latest twist in the Pinoy Big Brother season 2, that is the return of Jasmin, Kian, Wendy, and Ezekiel must be the stupidest scheme in the history of reality television.


Two of those four evicted housemates will have the chance to return inside the big brother house and the televiewers will have to vote yet again. So if you are an idiot, then by all means vote and waste your hard earned money. A lot of PBB viewers have expressed their outrage in various local message boards. Most of them call for boycott as this is obviously a scam, an extortion plot because a lot have invested money in trying to boot their most hated housemate and then here comes this so-called twist. They’ve done it again.

Lazada Philippines