Pepsi, Tropicana, have HIV blood is not true

A rumor that’s been circulating that Pepsi products are contaminated with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a hoax (not true).

In Malaysia, the SMS or text message said, “for d next few days, do not drink any product from pepsi company like pepsi, tropicana juice, slice, 7up , coca cola, etc,,as a worker from the company has added his blood contaminated with HIV. watch NDtv …please 4ward this 2 every 1 u care about…..ok. Please note seriously.” The rumor has also spread here in the Philippines.

Lazada Philippines
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Don’t believe this rumor as it is scientifically proven that HIV cannot be transmitted via food or drinks. Plus Pepsi products are produced according to the strictest safety standards and are safe for consumption according to the company’s representative.