Philippine Idol 2nd Elimination Night

No one was eliminated last week because of typhoon Milenyo and it seemed that Arms and Mau were in the bottom two. But last night was a different story as it looked like Arms and Mau were no where near the bottom. Last week was definitely a blessing in disguise for both women as their fanbase really poured their hearts out in texting for them. Anyway, the first two to be eliminated were:

Stephanie “Stef” Bainbrigge, 27
Paul Andrae Ybañez, 26

A reminder to those who are disappointed with the results, if your bet’s got real talent and is bankable then surely he or she will make it to the top. Record companies are always on the lookout for talented and bankable artists. Take Ruben Studdard for example, who won American Idol over Clay Aiken. Who’s selling more records? Clay Aiken. Another example, Erik Santos who won Star in a Million and a batchmate of Christian Bautista on the said contest. Who’s more famous? Christian Bautista. The real losers in Philippine Idol are not the contestants who were booted out but those who spend a fortune on cellphone loads just to support their son or daughter or uncle. At the end of the day, if they’re not bankable then who’s gonna buy their records? The real winners here are the cellphone companies and ABC 5 and not the one who’s going to be the 1st Philippine Idol.

Lazada Philippines