Philippine Idol 3rd Performance Night

Dubbed as Metropop night because the songs performed by the idol hopefuls were from the past Metropop Song Festivals. Hajji Alejandro was the guest judge temporarily replacing Francis (he’s in Europe for 5 weeks to do a couple of shows). The Idol band headed by Mel Villena was also accompanied by no less than The San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Reymond Sajor – sang Be My Lady

All three judges said that it was a good performance.

Jeli Mateo – sang Isang Mundo, Isang Awit

Lazada Philippines

Pilita – tonight you’re (performance) fine
Hajji – ang ganda nya (WTF?!)
Ryan Cayabyab – wag makipagsabayan sa biritan (like what she did last week), that’s not where you’re good at

There are a lot of talks that Jeli and Mau are not in good terms. But at the end of the show, Jeli was beside Mau with Jeli’s arm over Mau’s shoulder. Does this mean that the rumors are not true?

Gian Magdangal – sang Give me a Chance

Pilita – very good
Hajji – he really sings from the heart
Ryan – avoid the falsetto because your voice is already your high point

Gian kinda reminds us of Christian Bautista

Pow Chavez – sang Till I Met You

Ryan – you’re having trouble with the high notes

Miguel Mendoza – sang Swerte Swerte Lang

Hajji – some flat notes
Ryan – you’re really lucky that you’re still here (not eliminated). Work harder every week.

Although Ryan Cayabyab thinks that Miguel should have been eliminated last week, he also knows that he is backed up a lot of people not to mention the Lasallians.

Mau Marcelo – sang Ako ang Nasawi, Ako ang Nagwagi

Hajji – malinis ang boses, soulful, and black belter ng OPM
Pilita – galing galing mo

Mau got two thumbs up from Dulce who sang the original.

Jan Nieto – sang Umagang kay Ganda

Hajji – rehearse more para maging effortless
Ryan – tonight you are my Philippine Idol

Apple Chiu – sang Sometimes You Just Know

Hajji – soulful but the vocal acrobatics was an overkill
Ryan = just choose the right song
Pilita – something’s wrong with the “kulotation”

Apple is undeniably chinese with her chinky eyes and her surname. That’s why she is backed up by the chinoy community.

Arms Cruz – sang Anak

Hajji – impressed, ganda from beginning to end
Pilita – such a joy to watch and listen to

Arms reminded us of Shakira with her performance. She also should have avoided hogging the microphone with all those unnecessary pagbati and panawagan.

Ken Dingle – sang Magsimula Ka

Hajji – hopeful but lacks the joyful part (referring to song)
Pilitan – one of his best performance
Ryan – for the second time, you cracked on the last note. You’re too self-conscious, too stiff, you should open up.

Ken reminded us of LA Lopez

The judges comments really improved this week except for Pilita who’s always tactful. Hajji with all his technical jargons on music have better comments than Francis M.

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