Philippine Idol 3rd Results Night

In perhaps one of the most shocking results in idol franchise history, the best performer was eliminated. It was Reymond Sajor who gave an excellent rendition of Be My Lady last Saturday who got the lowest number of votes and was the 3rd finalist to be eliminated. Ryan Cayabyab was in a state of shock and promised to be really blunt with his comments next week hoping to influence the voters to vote for the right reasons.

The 10 idols were divided into 2 rows, the front row was composed of Pow, Jan, Miguel, Apple, and Ken. They were all safe thanks to all the cellphone loads that money can buy even though most of them performed poorly last Saturday. The second row was composed of Arms, Jeli, Mau, Gian, and Reymond. Mau, Gian, and Reymond was in the bottom three with Reymond having the least votes.