Philippine Idol 5th Performance Night

The show opened up with the idol hopefuls singing Night to Remember by Shalamar and Luke Mejares finishing it off. It’s quite noticeable that there were a lot of empty seats in Megamall.

It’s either most are preparing for All Soul’s Day or they already gave up on Philippine Idol. This week’s theme as we posted yesterday is themesong of their life. On to the performances,

Apple Chiu sang Someone to Watch Over Me
Arms Cruz sang If I Believe
Ken Dingle sang Get Here
Pow sang Once in my Life
Jan Nieto sang Kailangan Kita
Mau sang I will always Love You
Miguel Mendoza sang Sandra
Jeli Mateo sang You don’t know Me
Gian Carlo sang Until You Come Back to Me

Lazada Philippines

Ryan also announced that the voting process will only last for two hours which means voting will close at 12:30am Monday.