Philippine Idol 7th Performance Night

The theme was songs from the radio (with a twist). The idol hopefuls were paired up and their respective partners chose what song the other will perform.

Pair #1: Jan Nieto and Gian Magdangal

It was a classic match-up between an Atenista (Jan) and Gian (Lasallista). Jan Nieto chose the song Jay-R’s Bakit Pa Ba for Gian while Gian chose You are My Song for Jan. The end result? The atenista won the approval of the judges.

Lazada Philippines

Pair #2: Mau Marcelo and Miguel Mendoza

Miguel chose the song Jamie Rivera’s Mahal naman Kita for Mau while Mau chose Wency Cornejo’s Hanggang for Miguel. Mau’s performance was not that good for the judges blaming it on the choice of song (Miguel’s choice). But Mau won this match-up.

Pair #3: Ken Dingle and Pow Chavez

Pow chose Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do I do it for You for Ken which the judges unanimously said that it was all over the place. Ken on the other hand, chose Love Moves (popularized by Nina) for Pow.

Tonight’s highlight was the fearless forecast of Mo Twister that Ken Dingle will be booted out tomorrow. Mo also bet that if Ken doesn’t go home tomorrow, he will wear a skirt and model it in front of the live audience. As much as we want to see that happen, Ken should definitely go and save himself from further embarrassment.