Philippine Idol Episode 4 (Theater Eliminations)

Idol fans got their chance to check out the competition on last Sunday’s episode of Philippine Idol on ABC 5 which featured the first part of the theater eliminations.

Lazada Philippines

Gold Passers from the Mindanao and Visayas auditions met up with their fellow Luzon Gold Passers at the Bayview Hotel along Roxas Boulevard. Those from the south took the ferry while those from northern Luzon took the half day’s trip to Manila by bus. Despite being tired from their travel each and everyone was bubbling with excitement and nervousness. They were, of course, excited that they were one more step closer to realizing their idol dreams but also very nervous especially when they got to know the other contestants better. The Gold Passers were given a sumptuous welcome dinner where they got the chance to relax and meet new friends.

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