Philippine Idol Final 12 Launch Party

Aside from the announcement of the Kakaibang Idol results which was won by Yova, it also paved the way for the final 12 launch party.

Some info on the final 12 were bared, Arms Cruz’s father is in jail and is also related to the Cruz showbiz clan (Sheryl, Geneva, Donna, etc.), Drae Ibañez has a Foundation, Mau’s mom had already passed away, Ken Dingle quit his day job in Australia and wants to court Ira Patricia Marasigan, Pau once fought for her life after being shot in a cellphone-snatching incident, Gian Carlo is related to Jolina Magdangal, Stef also auditioned for Australian idol and is doing this for her child, and Reymond Sajor was a theater actor. Expect to know more of them in the coming weeks. Next week, we understand that the theme will be pure OPM so the best of luck to the final 12.