Philippine Idol Forumers’ Song Choice

“Song of Your Life” will be tomorrow’s theme where the remaining idol hopefuls will pick a song that for them is the most meaningful. Two members of the abc 5 forum have their own suggestion.

2beautiful2lie‘s suggestion

Lazada Philippines
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Ugly Girl (Fiona Apple) – Mau
Am I Not Pretty Enough (Kasey Chambers) – Jeli
Must Say Goodbye (IL Mare OST) – Ken
Invincible (Christian Bautista) – Jan
Invisible War (Julia Fordham) – Arms
Tempted By The Fruit of Another (Squeeze) – Apple
Best Ill Ever Be (Sister Hazel) – Miguel
Not Ready For Goodbye (All4One) – Gian
New Age Girl (Dead Eye Dick) – Pow

idolforever‘s suggestion

Mau – Gulong ng Palad / Paano ba ang Mangarap
Gian – Just Once – specially the line, ” i did my best, but i guess my best doesn’t good enough.
Jeli – Great Pretender
Arms – Isang Lahi
Apple – Bakit ako mahihiya
Ken – Di ako Bakla ( by Tuesday Vargas)
Jan – This guy is in love with you pare
Pow – Si Aida, Si Lorna o Si Fe!
Miguel – Batang Bata ka pa by Apo Hiking Society