Philippine Idol Kakaibang Idol Performance Night

The show started with the 12 Idol Finalists singing Get the Party Started. Since this was a special edition of Philippine Idol, they invited special guest judges. Ethel Booba, Arnel Ignacio, and Tuesday Vargas were the three guest judges.

On to the performaces, Jhona Sison who we all remember as the girl with the green hair who sang the Voltes V theme came on stage with orange hair and still singing the same song. But this time she had two backup dancers in sailormoon outfits. Jeck was next, he was the one who made Ryan, Pilita, Francis, and Ryan danced the Hula during the auditions. He sang Broken Vow which was also his audition piece. Lalaine was next and sang Babae Po Ako which was originally done by one of the judges, Tuesday Vargas. The judges were impressed with her performance. Leonard Ocampo was wearing his lucky Matrix-inspired trench coat and sang Sumayaw Sumunod. We all remember him as the one who pissed Ryan Cayabyab. Shane Romulo sang Kuya ‘Wag Po. She was wearing a maid outfit and her performance also featured Idol musical director Mel Villena. John sang Joyful Joyful. He is also known as Lalaking Mystica. Last but certainly not the least, Yova who perhaps if not for her sexual orientation would have made the Final 12, impressed and moved the guest judges with his performance. The night ended with performances from Mr. C, Pilita, Francis M., and the 12 idol finalists.