Here are 15 fire safety tips brought to us by The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).

1. Avoid electrical overloading.

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2. Unplug all electrical appliances after every use.

3. Check all electrical installations regularly.

4. Check gas stoves and LPG tanks for leaks.

5. Keep children away from flammable liquids, lighters and matches.

6. Avoid smoking in bed.

7. Ensure you have a pre-fire plan at your residence or office.

8. Do not leave lighted mosquito coils unattended.

9. Always take extra precautions while cooking.

10. Never leave lighted candles unattended.

11. Do not throw lighted cigar or cigarette butts on dried leaves and garbage.

12. Strictly obey the no smoking signs.

13. Maintain proper housekeeping to eliminate fire hazards.

14. Check fire protection gadgets or devices of appliances and equipment regularly.

15. Be fire-safety conscious.