Philippines getting ready for Noche Buena for a Merry Christmas

Noche Buena (Christmas Eve feast) in the Philippines usually comes at midnight after the family has attended the late evening Christmas Eve Mass or Misa de Gallo (some also call it Noche Buena mass).

It is typically a grand affair involving all-day food and décor preparations. Conventional dishes served in the Filipino table include lechon, pancit, sweet-style spaghetti, fruit salad, fried chicken, ham, queso de bola, arróz caldo, lumpia, rice, adobo, úbe halaya, bibingka, membrilyo, different rice and flour-based cakes, ice cream, pastries and fruits, tsokolate, coffee, soda, wine, beer, and different kinds of fruit juices. Wearing new clothes specifically for the said occasion and wrapped presents or gifts sitting at the foot of the Christmas tree are also part of the tradition.

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