The “Philippines’ Scariest Challenge” is a reality horror show hosted by Jomari Yllana and Cesca Litton.

The show gathers local celebrities then set them out to venture into some of the places well-known and notorious for possessing paranormal activities. Places include a military hospital in Pampanga, the Mystical Cave in Antipolo, a deserted villa in Rizal, the spooky St. James school in Laguna, an abandoned mansion in Bulacan, the creepy North Cemetery, and a haunted monastery in Batangas.

Lazada Sale

Just recently, sexy actresses Joyce Jimenez and Gwen Garci figured in two separate accidents after coming from the taping of the said show although Joyce refused to directly blamed the spirits for the mishap while Gwen is still mum about the incident. The “Philippines’ Scariest Challenge” airs every Friday, 6PM on TV5.