Pinoy Big Brother celebrates World AIDS Day

The celebrity housemates played an informative game in connection with the World AIDS Day friendly reminder to practice safe sex through abstinence, loyalty to a partner and the use of protection.

Team A boasted of Baron, Gaby, Ruben, Riza and Will while Team B comprised Donnie, Jon, Mariel, Victor and Yayo with Gladys as host. Each member of the group simply had to move fast in answering the questions which were divided into three categories: general, personal and naughty. As such, the housemates’ wildest acts were revealed to everyone. Baron for instance had his first sexual encounter when he was only 12 years old. On the other hand, Jon did it at the park at the age of 15 while Riza was busted about educating herself through a Kamasutra book for her to be ready when the right time comes. Team A won with 5 points, leaving their opponents on the losing end with only 2 points.

Lazada Philippines