“Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus” goes “Survivor Philippines”

Air Force officers arrived at the Big Brother house to fetch Nan, Ejay, Val and Beauty in an island adventure to test how much they’ve learned from their survival training.

ejay, nan, valerie, beauty

They were again blindfolded and traveled to a waiting plane, followed by a helicopter ride and ended on a secluded island in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Ejay and Val were brought down first, and they had to walk around blindfolded around the area. Minutes later, Beauty and Nan arrived as well, and the four had to find each other first before taking off their blindfolds.

Lazada Philippines

Next, they had to catch 12 talangkas in exchange for the map which would lead them to the supplies and the island PBB house. Map in hand, they followed the trail to the marked spots. They picked up supplies such as bananas, rope, water, rice and vinegar. In time, they reached the Big Brother Adventure House where they see a letter from Big Brother, inviting them into the island Confession Room, which was up a tree.

Ejay had to climb the rope and allow the others to use the bamboo ladder. After the teens talked to Big Brother, they next had to look for painted coconuts around the house and dig. Six feet under were bundles of extra essentials like clothes, mats, etc. Despite some trouble with the local monkeys and broken eggs, all went well as they shared a kawayan-cooked chicken dinner and went to bed. Unknown to them, they were under constant supervision by the teen ex-housemates (Jolas, Kevin, and Josef), and they were about to steal Valerie away.