Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Guardian Big Four

The Final Teen Council composed of Robi, Rona, Valerie and Priscilla were called individually by Big Brother to decide who among the remaining 5 guardians will be evicted. 3 out of the 4 teens chose Mommy Sandy (Nicole’s mom).

pbb guardian big four

However, Beauty was granted by Big Brother the power to change the decision of the Teen Council. She took time to talk to the teens individually, and in the end, decided to exchange her mommy Carina for her Tita Sandy. She felt that Tita Sandy needed it more, and that she has now come to the realization that not everything can be bought by money. It was a big step for someone who used to be quite materialistic and was the little princess. Nikki was overwhelmed by the gesture and the others were all praises for Beauty. Thus, the Guardian Big Four are Erning (Ejay’s dad), MyLove (Nan’s mom), Minda (Alex’s mom), and Sandy (Nicole’s mom).

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