Pinoy Fear Factor – ABS-CBN

Fear Factor will finally have a version tailor-made for the Filipino televiewers.

Instead of the usual weekly stunt show, Pinoy Fear Factor stretches as a full reality series which will be entirely shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As to why it will be shot in Argentina, Executive Producer Junjun Santiago explains “There are stunt rigs that are readily available there. The crew is waiting for us to begin shooting soon. They are very well versed with the stunts and with the safety issues. Sanay na rin sila pagdating sa coverage ng show.”

Lazada Philippines

The contestants will be flown to Argentina where they will stay in a “boot camp” environment for 30 days. They will be doing a series of stunts and challenges that will test their fears to the limit. Those who will fail the task will be eliminated, until one winner emerges to take home the 2 million pesos jackpot prize. The show will be hosted by Ryan Agoncillo.