PLDT myDSL Awesome Hunt Game

PLDT myDSL Awesome Hunt is an upcoming reality and online travelogue game.

Participants of this game are celebrities Marco Alcaraz, Bela Padilla, Ryza Cenon, Luis Alandy, Steven Silva, Daiana Menezes, Mark Herras, Ton Vergel de Dios, DJ Mojo Jojo, IC Mendoza, Dolly Anne Carvajal, China Cojuangco, Jayvee Fernandez, Jane Chua, and Alex Fernandez. On April 7, they will be assigned to eight different cities in the Philippines to get clues, undergo challenges, and come up with creative online travelogues. Their travelogues will be judged by an esteemed panel of judges and by popular votes from Watchpad users. The winners will receive 50,000 pesos, one-year free subscription to PLDT myDSL, free trip to a popular summer getaway, digital camera, laptop and the title of 1st PLDT myDSL Awesome Hunt Winners.

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