PNP to investigate YouTube video of SM Pampanga shooting

A new video uploaded on YouTube, which showed what happened minutes after the SM Pampanga shooting incident last September 20 has sparked an investigation from the Philippine National Police (PNP).

They will investigate if the police officers and security guards who were seen in the video are criminally liable. In the YouTube video, the two minors can be seen lying on the floor but one of them was still moving. Policemen and security guards were just watching and even allowed bystanders to take photos and videos. Based on police protocool, no one should touch or move the victims but rather make an immediate call for an emergency response unit. Meanwhile, SM has released a statement and part of it said, “As the video itself confirms, police authorities had arrived soon after the incident, placed the scene under their jurisdiction, took over the investigation, and restricted access to the victims.”

Lazada Philippines