The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) has suspended its popular comic strip, “Pugad Baboy” pending investigation after a satire piece published on June 4 offended St. Scholastica College (a.k.a. St Scho).

It talks about the alleged hypocrisy of Christians to denounce homosexuality when gays and lesbians are tolerated in Catholic all-girls schools.

Lazada Sale

Here is the said comic strip:

The controversial comic strip
The controversial comic strip

In an interview, Pol Medina, the man behind “Pugad Baboy” has apologized on Thursday. “Nagso-sorry ako sa kanila. Hindi ako mananalo dito, eh, kasi ako talaga ‘yung mali. Nananahimik sila eh, sinundot ko. Siyempre, magagalit ‘yun,” he said.

PDI has also issued an apology to the university and explained that they already rejected the comic strip but because of a mix-up, it was still published. Weird eh?