Poy Palma – Pinoy Dream Academy Honorary Scholar

Pinoy Dream Academy decided to add a twist in the competition in the form of an Honorary Scholar.

Honorary scholar Poy Palma

Star dreamer of Zamboanga and wait-listed scholar Poy Palma was called to take the spot. As an Honorary Scholar, Poy will be studying along with the other scholars inside the academy, she will have to complete a task set only just for her. Her main task inside the Academy is to challenge the remaining scholars and she has to aim for the Star Scholar of the Week title in order to earn her instant 50,000 pesos, which will be deducted from the cash prizes in store for the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 finalists. If she gets her hands on three Star Scholar of the Week awards, she will be given a choice to either take home 150,000 pesos or become an official scholar of the academy and the chance to aim for the Grand Star Dreamer title.

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