The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 308 out of 577 or 53.38% passed the Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Chemical Engineering in the cities of Manila and Cebu this November.

Check out list of successful examinees (TXT file)

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The successful examinees who garnered the ten highest places are the following:

1. Dennis Cristoffer Babista Tagaza UP Diliman 85.30
2. Fabrienne Michelle Denoyo Yu University of San Carlos 85.00
3. Jernel Dalisay Pateña UP Los Baños 83.80
4. Julius Mercado Magpantay UP Diliman 83.20
5. Marion Angelle Ordas Rivera UP Diliman 82.30
6. Erwin Trista Alegria Tapay UP Los Baños 82.20
7. Briant Siy Chua University of San Carlos 82.00
8. Hercules Salvador Garcia UP Diliman 81.80
9. Dale Emet Sabater Altar UP Diliman 81.60
Joseph Rempillo Ortenero Bicol University – Legazpi 81.60
10. Jerome Luigi Atillo Ramirez UP Diliman 81.50